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I'm born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. My big interest in life was electricity, after many expirmenations and elecutions, I realized the power of the computer. Since then I've been working in any form of a computer daily.

I pursued my bachelors degree in Computer Programming and graduated in 2013. Aftewards, I promptly went into my Masters program in Information Systems. While it was fun and I learned a lot, after two semesters my family and work life became too demanding. I have plans to pick school back up and finish my degree soon.

Since graduating, I have been working either freelance or in the corporate world with developing applications for people's needs. My two languages that I am fluent in are C# and Java. At my last position at the USA Truck Headquarters I was working with ASP.NET MVC, WPF, and WCF. I would still be working there if it wasn't for all department headcount reductions that recently occurred. Now I'm back on the hunt and am open to all offers. Please feel free to review my Linkedin profile and contact me to talk about any future opportunities.

  • Communication

    I strive to excel in communication for all medians. (Electronically to Socially)

  • Dedication

    It's hard for me to turn away from something that challenges me.

  • Development

    Development is a skill I'm always seeking to grow and improve. PluralSight continues to be my friend through my C# MVC, ASP .Net adventure

  • Thoroughness

    I am eager to learn all aspects of the equation


I'm a real person who likes to have fun and work hard.
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Application Developer
Having a interest in electronics at a early life has spring boarded my direction in life for work and family.

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